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City’s Paries2020s
Metal sheets, images, mineral salts
Size Variable
Site Specific


"Paries" is the source of the medical term,"parietal"(壁膜的), which we can also draw the connection to Parietal Art. 
I find the eager we express and record is
somehow similar with our ancestors and
this drives me to apply the context of the parietal art in the contemporary world,
how we continue to narrate our universal curiosity and observation towards our world. 




On the same time, to continue constructingmy perception on the ancient and archeological vibeI receive from the urban construction,and its hidden pursuit of men(which I believe as timeless one across our history),I tried to capture and create a sense of ancient and mythical vibe on these industrial materials.I captured the ritual-like behaviors the workders performed during construction and suggested the fictional daily narration.

20220330_071726 tuned.jpg
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