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About Mui

 Mui Hoi Ying graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, CUHK.

She has been looking into human collective emotions, instincts and social behaviors by working on

mixed media, images and symbols.

She perceives objects existing in our city as the

“urban relics” of the future, which she finds similar to the way she looks at the historical relics.

Her recent practice focuses on the juxtaposing of narration and the construction of collective tales.

She believes in the power of collectively formed tales that represent the commonly experienced life of people in reality.

Mui's works have been shown in Hong Kong and Sweden, including  

"Make out like It Never Happened and We were Nothing" (2022) ,

"Dayday to dayday"(2022) and orange Orange (2023).

Mui has also curated exhibitions "Manimal" (2021) ,"Li Hao 8 Lou Hui" (2021), "Round and Found" (2022) 
and online project,"Stay Home Residency".
She co-founded
Gabby & Darren, a local artist collective with two other friends,
located in Wan Chai Foo Tak Building

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