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About Mui

Mui Hoi Ying (b. 1998, Hong Kong) graduated from the Departments of Fine Arts, CUHK in 2021.

She has been looking into collective  unconsciousness, instinct and social behaviors through
working on mixed media, images and videos in installations.

She believes there are shared inborn  pursuits
in emotional and spiritual aspects among all mankinds.

The city and people always bring strong impacts to Mui.
Recently, she perceives industrial wastes and construction sites as the contemporary ruins, which will be forgotten/excavated.

She is depicting the wandering energy among us,and constructing timeless contexts.

She was awarded the "Vitamin D Award" in 2021. Her works have been shown in exhibitions including "Wild Art Festival" (2020), “Lanescape1823/0.2” (2020) ,"活體洞" (2021) and
"Make out like It Never Happened and We were Nothing" (2022)

Mui has also curated exhibitions "Manimal" (2021) ,"Li Hao 8 Lou Hui" (2021)  
and online project,"Stay Home Residency".
She co-founded Gabby & Darren, a local artist collective with two other friends,
located in Wan Chai Foo Tak Building