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Past exhibitions

2024;                     《人類之後:獸的印記》<AFTER HUMAN: MARKS OF THE BEASTS>,
                            Tomorrow Maybe, 香港逸東酒店 EatonHK

2023;                     《炎脊 》個人展覽 <The Ridge> Solo Exhibition, 艺鵠藝術空間 ACO Arts space

2023;                     <Whatever It's Yours Will Come to You>, TRYST Alternative Art Fair,

                            Torrance Art Museum

2023;                     《原聲漪》<Priming Reflex>, Cattle Depot Artist Village

2023;                     <orange Oragne>, 1a Space
<SUPERMARKET2023>, Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Sweden
2023;                     <Growing Art>, 1a Space at Art Basel in Hong Kong
2022;                   (原味) 》<(original)>, Wurearea
2022;                   日力》<Day Day To Day Day>, Grotto Gallery SKW
2022;                    <Storiesss>, Mist Gallery, Social Media Platforms
2022;                  《你恢復得像我們之間從來沒有發生過一樣》
                            <Make out like It Never Happened and We were Nothing>

                            Mist Gallery and Fu Lee Loy shopping centre

2021;                  《菠蘿腸仔用牙籤拮住》<This is How We Dance Before the Apocalypse>,
                           CUFA Graduation Exhibition, Art Museum of CUHK
2021;                 《活體洞》, Virtue Village, Pei Ho Street Sham Shui Po

2021;                  <Lanescape1823/0.2>, Landescape1823, Ma Wan Abandoned Village

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