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Mixed Media Installations

A set of three
Size Variable

20230625 - orange Orange-19_edited.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-22.jpg

This installation set was created based on the three stories written by the participants of the 1a Space Community Project, "Collage City".

I transformed the key elements of each story and created relative sculptures, as a visual interpretation of the stories. The style of artwork and setup took reference to the art relics and formal museum displays. Such a methodology was used to construct the narration of the contemporary urban myth.

20230625 - orange Orange-40.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-32.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-43_edited.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-37.jpg

Unearthed: T's travelog
Steel, Cement, Resin, Industrial materials
Size Variable


MMXXIII, the city travelers T, M, and C, visited somewhere. Travelogs are narrated, accompanied by objects.
Repeatedly, they are reinterpreted by people.

There are cows and beans at this remote place.
T met a magician. Rumor has it that he is a werewolf,
he has unusual big hands.
T exchanged a mind reading show with strawberry tokens.
He said, "The tokens are sweet." 

20230625 - orange Orange-41.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-39.jpg

Unearthed: C's travelog
Cement, Resin, Industrial materials, Organic matters, Elderly crutch
Size Variable

20230625 - orange Orange-55.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-45.jpg

C visited a mystic place.
The villagers exchange an access pass with their experiences,
the more they experience, the higher marks they have.
The totem on the pass is their God, "Tail Annexer", which symbolizes recurrence and rebirth.
On their last day, elderly will clear the pass and pass it to the newborn.

20230625 - orange Orange-47.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-50.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-49_edited.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-52.jpg

Unearthed: M's travelog
Steel, Cement, Resin, Industrial materials, Glasses
Size Variable

There is a citrus tree next to the corner.
The totem attracted M and there was
a piece of glass.
It is a mirror and a lens.

M saw the invisible views.
M knew she could always use this treasure to see the world.

20230625 - orange Orange-29.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-53.jpg
20230625 - orange Orange-28.jpg

The three stories were co-created with the participants of
the 1a Space Community Project, "Collage City".

Tiffany- A story about an encounter and tokens.
Carmen- A story about a travel pass and life journey.
Mary- A story about graffiti and lens.


workshop3 of "Collage City" at Gabby&Darren studio.

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