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Closing Performance for Exhibition "AFTER HUMAN: MARKS OF THE BEASTS"
Co-created with 何知頴 HO Chi Wing


The piece was co-created with local artist,  HO Chi Wing and the local Temple Street Dance Ballroom (艷陽天) singer 小蝶. 
Inviting and collaborating with 小蝶 has been an interesting experience,
which has added more contextual relation to my piece.

Performance acts as the phantom, the afterimage of the narration of my installation. Such symbol acts stronger in my piece this time, as both Chi and 小蝶 were like the performers/the moths that existed in my story.

Chi has created her moves that imitate the flying pattern of moths, as well as expressing a sense of struggle by bundling her hands together. She echoes the songs' rhythm and the light pattern that was controlled by me.

I as the light controller, also responded Chi and 小蝶's rhythms
by tuning the colour and flashing pattern of the light.

The atmosphere of the performance was intense and emotional.

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